Visioning, Goal Setting, Project Development

Fertile Ground consultants facilitate project development, strategy and evaluation. Specifically:

Visioning and Goal Setting:
We helucalp initiatives develop program goals, build core leadership, and conduct a stakeholder analysis. Fertile Ground will work with a group of interested teachers, school administrators, parents, and involved community leaders to build a common understanding of and support for a school gardening program. Participants will be asked to envision the benefits a school garden could bring to students, the school and the larger Community. We will discuss ways to start a small and sustainable program that can grow over time.

Work Plan Development:
Rose Marie 5-2 3We support key program participants in planning sustainable garden and farm to school programs that maximize student learning, streamline school food systems,  and build efficient volunteer engagement to support programs.

Fertile Ground also offers:

  • On- site consultations to design and implement garden and farm to school programs;
  • Strategies to work with volunteers on organizing community events – garden raisings, harvest celebrations, community work days in conjunction with local organizer
  • Assistance with building strong partnerships
  • Recommendations for fundraising strategies
  • Advising on grant proposals
  • Designing community based evaluation strategies
  • Periodic consultation to troubleshoot and fine tune program